Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Advice from a Tree

not a kite-catching tree, but close
Riverton, WY
November 2016

                                         Advice from a Tree

                            •  stand tall and proud

                            •  sink your roots into the earth
                            •  be content with your natural beauty

                            •  go out on a limb 

                            •  drink plenty of water

                            •  enjoy the view

                                                               ~ Ilan Shamir ~

Advice I would add to the list -  shake off troubles 

What advice would you add?


  1. Remember there is a season for everything.

  2. Don't pay attention to stuff caught in your hair? Seriously, I would have to say "spread your branches and give comfort where you can"

  3. The tree has to grow where it is I guess be content in your situation!

  4. All the additions are great. Maybe something about strong roots are important.

  5. Sometimes you are the shade that helps keep cool

  6. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose, under heaven.

  7. Thank you for quoting my poem. It is wonderful to see it being shared and enjoyed by many. I would add: It's ok to be a little "sappy"! We need lightness these days for sure. Regards, Ilan Shamir

  8. Bend with the wind. Nancy, you come up with the best posts.


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