Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Knitting Report

Picot Dot Wrap progress
November 2016

As the stitch count gets bigger, visible knitting progress slows. I'm enjoying knitting this pattern, but I'm not crazy about the yarn, especially the number of knots and weak Russian joins it contains. I'm nearing the border rows, so the bind-off is getting closer and closer.


  1. Its looking great!! Can't wait to see it done.

  2. It looks very pretty. What yarn are you using?

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the colors and the pattern. It will be a treasure when finished. Are you keeping or gifting?

  4. Nancy, What is the name of the yarn that has the knots !? I'll put it on my list of NO. But I love the look of the shawl

  5. Looks like a fun project, except for the knots.

  6. Seeing as how late I am on actually commenting on this shawl... I know it will be lovely.


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