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One hundred forty-seven Quilts of Valor
waiting to be selected by a veteran
Riverton, WY
November 1, 2016
Last Tuesday, I joined numerous volunteers, families, friends, and veterans for a large Quilt of Valor presentation. I haven't heard an official number on how many quilts were presented, but I'm guessing it was over 80 (some veterans were unable to attend, so their QOV were presented to family members).

The Quilts of Valor (made and quilted by volunteers) were placed on the bleachers, and the veterans were asked to select the quilt that spoke to them. The display of quilts was breath-taking.

With military precision, the event started promptly at 7 PM with the presentation of the Colors. The military history of each veteran was read as he/she walked to the front. The QOV they selected was displayed for everyone to see, the quilt was wrapped around the shoulders of each veteran, and the presenter gave the honoree a "welcome home" hug.

I was happy to see both young and old veterans receive a Quilt of Valor. It was an amazing evening.
group photo of most of the veterans who received a QOV
The red stars on the group photo indicate the veterans who selected a QOV that I made.

On this Election Day, let's remember it is individuals like those pictured who defend our country and our freedom.

Today as citizens, it is our duty to VOTE.


  1. It must be so heart warming to see someone choose one of your quilts. Actually the whole event must be heart warming.

    I went to vote yesterday since I had time. The line for early voting wasn't long. Took longer to vote since SD has 10 referendums and initiatives on the ballot.

  2. How moving it must have been to see them pick them out, a special way to end such hard work.

  3. This touched my heart Nancy!!!

  4. This post gave me goosebumps! How wonderful.

  5. I'm so glad you had a chance to see who received your quilts.

    I'm sure many had a very hard time deciding. They are ALL beautiful.

  6. What a great bunch of quilts! Even better to see all those Veterans...and we noticed there were at least three women too! How wonderful for you to be a big part in the Quilts of Valor!! Thank you Nancy:)

  7. I can only imagine what a touching ceremony that must have been. I would have been weeping. It's wonderful to see the quilts and service men and women be welcomed home. Our military deserves our support no matter what side of the aisle we support. And yes, we are a voting family!

  8. This moved me to tears Nancy. How wonderful to honor the men and women who have sacrificed for all of us. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  9. What a wonderful thing to be able to participate in event like this. So meaningful for the quiltmakers as well as the recipients. I love that you want to honour your veterans in this way.

  10. God bless each of them and you Nancy for your contribution.

  11. I am so moved by your volunteer quilting Nancy. I LOVE this post. Im so glad they held up stars for the ones you made so I could see. I wish I had been there to see this amazing group of Servicemen and women and volunteers!
    I voted !

  12. What a great experience. So many times the quiltmaker doesn't get to see the vets receiving the quilt. Super that you were in attendance.


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