Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trimming Blocks

This post is for the non-quilting readers who asked how I was going to sew the zig zag edges of the Granny Square blocks that I've started making with scraps in June. Earlier posts can be seen here.
Granny Square blocks

I put the blocks together like a jigsaw puzzle to photograph them, but I doubt ANY quilter would ever attempt to sew the blocks together without squaring them, which is what I did once I had enough blocks for a complete quilt.

First, I measured 1/4 inch from the tips of the colored squares. The 1/4 inch is needed for seam allowance.

Once the seam allowance was determined, I cut off the edge, rotated the block and measured the other sides - making sure the entire block was square.

These blocks were trimmed to 9 inches and with the seam will finish at 8.5 inches.

Trimmed block
Now, that the blocks are square and are all the same size, putting them together into a quilt top will be easy.

trimmed Granny Square blocks
ready for sashing and a border


  1. Ah, come on Nancy, I wanted you to say you'd sew them by hand! NOT! Looks like they are ready for the next step. What color sashing are you planning?

  2. Your pretty Granny Square blocks are tempting me! That may be my favorite block. They are addictive!

  3. Ah - ha! Such precise work!! It is going to be a beautiful quilt; the colors are wonderful.

  4. Ha! I sewed mine together by hand and it has the zig zaggy edge...IT will probably never get finished. :) I like your method:)

  5. Much easier that way. This is turning out to be a gorgeous quilt!

  6. It's going to be gorgeous and well worth all of your hard work! I always have trouble squaring knitted granny squares so the afghan is not wonky. Maybe your method will work for that too.

  7. Whew! I couldn't imagine you sewing the other way!

  8. I have a vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top that was hand pieced by a great-aunt. Unfortunately, she set it together like you show in your first photo. :( I still haven't done anything with this parallelogram quilt top. :)

  9. Great tutorial for all of those folks wondering how to do the zig zags. I squared mine up as I made them but realized that if I make more to go with it that I should wait and measure the smallest block first.


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