Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mystery Underfoot

Discarded beverage tab
Oshkosh, NE
July 2015
A metallic glint caught my eye as I stepped out of the vehicle at the Oshkosh Auditorium. There underfoot was something that I haven't seen in years (possibly in over three for four decades) - a tab from a beverage can. I wondered when was it cast aside? How could it possibly be in such good condition after all these years?

I remember when these tabs were common, but weren't they phased out in the late 1970s or early 1980s and replaced for the pop-tops that remain on the can?

Do you remember these tabs? Do you remember wearing them as a "ring"?


  1. Someone probably had a very "skunky" and old beer! LOL

    We used to link them together and make bracelets. Oh we were so fashionable!

  2. I sure do remember them. What a mystery to see a shiny one on the ground!!

  3. Some factories in foreign countries still use the pull tab on beer and soft drink cans. That makes me wonder how it made it from India or Egypt to Oshkosh!

  4. Wow. Last night we were talking about cans of beer that needed the CHURCHKEY to be opened in the old days. Not so long ago. Love the term Churckey for the can punch!

  5. We used to collect those and turn them in for different fundraisers when the girls were in grade school in the 1970's. No I never made a ring...good idea ! :)

  6. I remember them! I had a pattern to make an alligator magnet out of them & green craft foam. I made a many of them!


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