Monday, August 24, 2015

Windshield Time

Nine scrap sock yarn baby hats
August 2015
I finished nine baby hats while on vacation - most were knit while on the road and some knit in my downtime. The hats are already out of my house and on their way to Public Health for the visiting nurses to distribute. It feels good to use the scraps and to help keep little ones warm.

There is a tiny bit left, and it is currently on the needles. I will probably run out of the self-striping yarn before the hat is finished, so this hat may have a black top.

What "windshield time" activities do you do when you aren't driving?


  1. Looks like you made good use of your "windshield time". I'm more likely to knit while on a plane than in a car. Usually I spend my windshield time talking to the driver, listening to the radio and enjoying the sights.

  2. What a nice collection of hats! Some little ones are going to look adorable in their warm hats.

    I haven't had any windshield time lately...just late night TV time. LOL

  3. I help watch the road and look at scenery and for wildlife! Sometimes I have a short nap:)

  4. I like to take binding or hand applique for road trips if I know my husband is driving. Otherwise I'm usually the one behind the wheel. But when I travel for work and know I have an overnight - binding and applique are what is found in my bag.

  5. How many stitches do you cast on? I have scads of little sockyarn balls and this would be perfect to use them up.

  6. knitting and only knitting!
    My mittens are ready to go to the homeless shelter as soon as they ask for winter wear~!

  7. Definitely knitting. When The Kid was younger I would read aloud. I try to navigate sometimes, but my husband says I fail miserably ;)


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