Monday, August 17, 2015

Scrappy Baby Hats

Baby Hats knit from scrap sock yarn
August 2015

The hats on the right and left were knit with more than one ball of scrap sock yarn. I alternated the yarn every two rows to give the hat a "planned" appearance.

The hat currently on the needles is turning out better than I expected and is being knit with three balls of scrap yarn - one for the brim and the other two for the body of the hat. As you can see, the small ball is not going to make it much further so the top of the hat will be similar to the brightly colored hat shown in the middle.

Needles: US size 2

Yarn: scrap sock yarn - approximately half an ounce total for each hat

Pattern: cast on 90 sts, knit a 1x1 rib for an inch for the brim, stockinette stitch for the body of the hat until it measures 4 inches from the cast on edge, begin decreases (k8, k2 tog for the first row, k all stitches on the second row, k7, k2 tog for the third row, k all stitches on the fourth row) continue in this manner through k1, k2 tog and then the final row is k2 tog, cut the yarn and thread the end through the remaining stitches. Pull yarn to the underside, secure and weave in ends.

These hats will be given to the Public Health Nurses for distribution, locally.


  1. Cute hats. Those colors would be perfect for some rambunctious little boys!

  2. Always a favorite of mine. Nice way to use up all the leftover yarn.

  3. Good to the last drop should apply to your yarn stash and look how pretty they are....

  4. Cute as can be - and proves we can "use it up" with style.

  5. Your sock yarn hats are so cute. I am going to try knitting a few on the trip so I copies your pattern instructions. Thanks bunches!

  6. Im overjoyed that you sent the hat specifics. !!! I going to make some with my leftover sock yarns. I'm in a hat kind of mood. And I have startitis

  7. These are super cute and I love all your stash knitting for good. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Cute little hats and a great use for those leftover dribs and bits.

  9. Wonderful way to use up what you can! :)

  10. Never got around to telling you how adorable these hats are!!


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