Monday, August 10, 2015

Sandy's Boots

Sandy's "Fulled" Boots
Fremont County Fair
Riverton, WY
July 2015
Aren't these boots fun? The knitter, Sandy brought them to a Fiber Guild meeting before they were felted, technically the term is "fulled," so I was delighted to see them on display at the County Fair.

Sandy told the Guild members that she bought the kit for the boots. Well done, Sandy!

I think the boots would be a lot of fun to wear.


  1. They look like they would be very warm:)

  2. I agree. I love the design. Great Boots. I might not felt them!

  3. Very cute! They would make great slippers:)

  4. I could use those boots! I have the world's coldest feet. They are too cute!

  5. The certainly will keep her feet toasty warm this winter.

  6. Cute boots. Are they knit? Or is it wool fabric?


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