Friday, April 19, 2013

Foreign Friday

Home on the Bangkok River
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979


  1. When you say "on the river," you mean that literally. It appears the house is built right above the water.

  2. So cool.... We found boats on Vancouver Isand...and it is actually a sub-division on the water....we would love to rent one some year...although your picture is the REAL thing!

  3. THose BOATS are sooooo interesting. They lie so low on the water.
    Love the Friday Posts Nancy

  4. The trunks of those trees are in the water? They look cool. This is a beautiful picture. What an interesting lifestyle these people must have.

  5. That brought back memories of my mother drying clothes on the porch railing when I was very small. We lived on the water in Virginia and your picture brought a wave of images flooding back to me. Nice memories, so thank you!

  6. That is a VERY interesting picture. I'm enjoying seeing the world through your photos.

  7. That would be pretty interesting to live on a river like that.


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