Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds
Quilt of Valor
55 x 68
Blue Diamonds is loosely based on "Tie the Knot" featured in November/December Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. Tie the Knot uses neckties to make the string blocks; however, I used cotton scraps. My string blocks are also larger.

Blue Diamonds' string blocks were a great way for me to use odd bits of fabric - strings of various widths and lengths, remaining from the Quilts of Valor made for the 2012 Challenge.

Update: The strings were sewn on pages from an old phonebook and then squared to 10 inches. The blocks are 9.5 inches, finished.


  1. How pretty!! You know I love those strings!!

  2. Wow! Talk about dynamic! I love it. I want to copy it! Well, except I don't have so much red in my scraps. Did you do these on foundations? Lovely job. How big are the blocks? How about a little tutorial here!

    1. See "update" above with the answer to Bonnie's question.

  3. What a nice design!!.... I am enjoying quilt ... I just have been so busy that it is sitting. Hopefully I can post a few pictures I am just loving seeing the pieces to together!

  4. Wonderful design! I like the look of this quilt a lot. Looks like a lot of detail work with so many narrow pieces!

  5. Is it a table runner??I love the colors. QUilting makes such a warm finish always...
    I think I need some quilts for my table!!

  6. Really? Phone book pages? I love it. It's another Quilt of Valor? Glad to see you sewing again. g

  7. Love the colorway of using all blues on one side and all reds on the other! A great way to use up strings and odd bits of fabric, and the wounded warriors LOVE the QOVs with all the different fabrics. Nice job, Nancy (SK)


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