Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bearded Iris in a Mason Jar

Bearded Iris
I've always loved bearded iris probably because my mother had so many of them in a variety of colors.

In the two corners of the yard next to the irrigation ditch were clusters of iris. The one near the orchard were a deep purple and always had huge blooms. That flower bed also contained orange day lilies. Behind the house was a long row of yellow iris (see photo below). The garden also had long rows of iris - yellow, purple, pale blue, and some with multi-colored blooms.

Rover and Nancy
taken behind the farm house
approximately 1955
When the iris were blooming, a mason jar filled with iris blooms was frequently on the kitchen table.

What flower(s) do you remember from your childhood?


  1. Did you ever make Hollyhock Dolls? Seems there lots of hollyhocks around when I was growing up. Now you don't see them.

  2. Zinnias remind me of my dad because he always planted them near the vegetable garden to attract pollinators. He allowed me to pick them whenever I wanted. Perhaps that is where my love of flowers comes from.

    My mother always made sure to plant a gardenia bush at every house we lived in. She still has several planted now. Their sweet fragrance reminds me of her. In the spring she would float picked blossoms in a bowl of water. I wish I could grow gardenias, but I've never had very good luck with them.

  3. I most remember my mom's iris, lilacs, and lilies of the valley.

    Iris in a mason jar...that's an image I saw many times. Thanks for the nostalgic reminder!

  4. My grandmother had iris, but my favorite were the lilacs! Two huge bushes by the front gate!! My mom loved glads and had rows and rows of them!!

  5. Pansies, lantana, carnations. All these were grown in my grandmother's yard, with not a sprig of weed or grass to be found. Until I discovered her carnation bed, I thought you could only get them from a florist! My heart still cries for pansies to be planted each fall, although I have resisted because I did not have a place with enough sun for them to bloom. But this year I do! My herb/flower bed will be converted to pansies this fall. In Louisiana we can plant them in the fall and they will last through the winter and until hot weather arrives... sweet!

  6. Wow I cant remember one flower......
    I KNow my mom hated gladiolas because they were, FUNERAL SPRAY flowers according to her.
    I love glads.
    My mom grew nice African violets though......

  7. The same bearded iris, lilly of the valley, pansies (my paternal grandmother's favorite)...

  8. The picture of you and Rover is wonderful!! I can't believe the number of iris behind you!

    My Mother always had daisies in the house and yard. She said their simplicity appealed to her. When she couldn't afford roses she could always have daisies!!

  9. Shooting stars bloomed in the mountains in May so it was a real treat to actually get to see them. (SK)

  10. My mother had a lovely flower favorites were Iris, Peonies, and lilacs...the fragrance was wonderful!

  11. We had bearded iris, but we called them *flags*. Also, lilacs and forsythia. Neither one will grow here in Florida. I MISS the fragrance of lilacs in the spring.

    If I ever move back north it is the first thing I will buy. LOL

  12. Your irises look amazing -- wish that picture of you and your dog was in color! We just separated a huge number of irises in our garden -- enough for two friends to get a lot of them. I seldom cut them and bring them in the house, but I really should. My folks grew roses at several houses we lived in and we have several bushes here. My idea of gardening is to ask for the plants and let someone else do the work. Then I cut the flowers!


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