Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back in Time - The Cousins

First cousins
Barbara, Evelyn
Charlotte, Marilyn, Rich, Nancy
November 1955
It is hard to determine when the photo was taken because the date only indicates when the film was processed and the photo printed. Sometimes photos were taken and the film thrown on the top of the refrigerator to be processed later.

The jalopy in the photo was my brother's and clearly a work in progress -- note the steaming radiator. My brothers loved to tinker with old cars and machinery. Rich had a Model A convertible with a rumble seat that he hoped to restore but never did.


  1. What a great photo! The only photo I have of my cousins - on my mother's side - as adults is from my wedding.

  2. I always enjoy your 'Back in Time' photos!

  3. I love this photo--down to the detail of the steaming radiator!

  4. What a great image!! i keep dreaming I have a roll of film that has no room for more images and needs to be developed?? odd huh?

  5. Great photo Nancy!! You all look like you are having so much fun! I love the old cars. They were a work of art. I clearly remember my dad's first car--a 1948 Plymouth coupe. What a beautiful car that was!!

  6. What a fun photo, Nancy! I like the note about the steaming radiator too. This is classic 50's!

  7. Wonderful photo! Isn't it crazy how it used to take ages to finish a roll of film and get it developed? Now it's instantaneous!

  8. How fun! Unless the car stranded you somewhere. We found some car parts at my great grandparent's old farm site and brought them home. We think one is the dash from a Model A or T.


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