Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Quilt Show

Miss Piggy
pieced and quilted by Vicky Lechner
displayed at Wyoming Star Quilt Guild Show
February 2013
The first weekend of February, the Wyoming Star Quilt Guild held their winter show in Riverton. It was fun to see all the quilts (many more than years past) on display. I got so absorbed in the displays that I didn't take too many photos, but posted here are the ones that I did photograph.
Birds in Flight 
pieced by Nancy Wright
Birds in Flight - block detail
It was the embroidered birds that caught my eye. Notice that none of the birds are embroidered on solid fabric - a fun twist on a traditional redwork quilt.
This block intrigued me. Does anyone know its name?
A great sampler quilt and a stunner. I love the border.
Evidently I was star-struck because I didn't get the
quilter's information. 
Study the borders on this quilt and notice the top and bottom
(shown on the left and right in the photo) are totally different.
Again, I missed catching the quilter's name. 
Fairy Flowers 
created by Beverly Hall
This quilt was stunning, and I am kicking myself for not taking a photo of the complete quilt. There were twelve cross-stitch fairies. Look close to see the extensive beading on the dress and wings.
 Note how the sashing fabric subtly frames the piece with bits of gold along with the teal.

Of course, I wandered through the vendor and silent auction area and found a few items. I was the winning bid on a quilt kit that will become a Quilt of Valor.

Kudos to the Wyoming Star Quilt Guild for another successful winter show.


  1. Thanks, Nancy, for the super peek at the quilt show!! Such lovely works!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Stunning. The cross stitch and beading is beautiful, and I love faerie things, but that pig is so colorful and happy!

  3. What beautiful quilts. I'm sorry I missed going in to see them! The fairies are exquisite!!

  4. Great show! Thanks for sharing the pics! I love sampler quilt....so bold with the red!

  5. Beautiful quilts! Love the piggy!!! I went and bought material for a quilt I've wanted to do for years... hopefully it gets done...won't start until we are home!

  6. Oh My! I swear I say that at the beginning of every single post on your blog. Those quilts are stunning. I love the ribbon border, the cross stitched fairies are amazing. They are all lovely. Are you getting the itch to quilt again? g

  7. Wow, such a great show. I particularly liked the red white and black star quilt. Looks terrific.

  8. great quilt show Nancy--I can see why you didn't get all the details. Congratulations on the exercising--that's a tough goal--exercising is not near as fun as quilting (and knitting at your house!)

  9. Loved looking at all the wonderful quilts and close-ups!!

  10. Oh I love the cross stitched fairies..I bet that quilt was stunning! I also liked that they used a patterned fabric for the red work.. what a great show! Thanks for sharing the photos:)

  11. Great quilts to share. People are busy in Wyoming. The fairy quilt was amazing. And good for you for making more QOV quilts. Are you making some blocks for Alycia's block drive?


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