Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vintage Advertisement

advertisement from Workbasket magazine
circa 1958
This "Home Haircut Kit" looks a lot like the ones that my mother used to cut my brothers' and nephews' hair. Previous post and photos can be seen here.

source: wikipedia
I remember Mom taking the clippers apart and oiling the motor with 3 in 1 oil from a can  like the one shown above.

Old clippers (probably long broken) were stored in boxes on an upper kitchen cabinet shelf. They were probably saved for parts, but I doubt they were ever utilized.
source: online image
Several hand clippers like the ones shown above but with a broken handle were also stored on the upper shelf, but I don't remember my mother using them.

Given a choice, I would prefer to have a haircut with the electric clippers.


  1. With only girls in the family, home haircuts were rare in our house, though I do remember my mom trimming bangs on occasion.

  2. I love that ad... I love vintage SO much!!! I remember a can of that oil around our house!

  3. I remember those clippers. My Mom used a pair just like those on my brother every year right after school was out for the summer. He wore a Mohawk haircut every summer !

  4. I love that ad too. My mom used to cut my hair but she just used her sewing scissors. And no, she didn't sew much. ;)

  5. I would use electric too. Otherwise, I'd cut someone's ear off!!!

  6. I remember going to the barber shop with my Dad and watching him get his hair cut with those old hand clippers. Also, I just checked to see if it is still there and my old can of 3 in 1 sewing machine oil is still in the cabinet drawer. I never use it because the old sewing machine has been replaced with a new one.

    Love the old ad!!

  7. I enjoyed seeing the vintage add. We had a electric clippers in the house, used very often on the guys. Very handy between trips to the barber.

  8. I've had short haircuts and they used the clippers on the tickles.

    What a great vintage ad.


  9. I love having my neck shaved with electric clippers at the salon!

  10. I'm sure we had that exact pair of clippers!!! How fun - such great memories!!

  11. I've been cutting my hubby's hair for nearly 30 years now (he's retired Navy) and I use clippers like those, but a slightly newer version! They work really well.....with just a dot of oil on the cutters! Once I got the cutter, I never went back to the scissors (well, except for the mustache and eyebrows.....gotta keep those tame, too!) lol

  12. My husband cuts his own hair with electric clippers... or maybe battery-operated somethings?

    No memories here...

  13. My Mother still cuts my Dad's hair..I think the clipper is in the same red case it came in forty years ago. I had a clippers once..I wasn't very good at hair cuts:)


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