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Back in Time - 1950s

This week, the graduate composites for the 1950s are featured. Last week, the 1940 composites were posted.

According to Irene Jones' book, Pavillion City, very few changes were made in the school buildings during this decade.
  • 1950 the second addition was added to the Ag Shop. The seventeen graduates formed the largest classes in the history of the school to this year. (pages 62 - 63)
  • 1955 a class room addition was added to the high school. (page 65)
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Class of 1950
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Paul Herder, Kathryn Gordon, Kenneth Stultz, Mildred Schneider,
Morris Hill, Barbara Richardson. Center: Arlan Kintzler, Robert Jacox,
 Lila Hollenbeck, Bill Cox, Reta Wall, Dessie Honeycutt. Bottom: Ralph Starks,
Mrs. Merrial K. Clark (class sponsor) Harley K. Kittle (Supt.), Wanda Olson.
Class of 1951
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Marilyn Hollenberg, Gerald Herder, Shirley Reed, Stanley Gordon,
Esther ?, Leo Johnson. Row 2: Charles Adams, Velma Leonhardt,
Virgil Williams, Wilma Jones, Lynn Pickinpaugh, Bob Green.
Row 3: Betty Hackney, Judy Skjoldal, Carol Gordon, Evelyn Heath,
Ila Richardson. Bottom: W.J. Herly, Harley Kittle (Supt.)
Class of 1952
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Richard Clark, Wayne Dickman, Earlene Dodrill, Joe Andy Maxey,
Jeannine Morris, Calvin Olson. Center: Dora Olheiser, Robert Rohn,
Mrs. Stan Clark (class sponsor), Richard Stickney, James Starks.
Bottom: Ina Mae Schmuck, Buckley Petersen
Class of 1953
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Darrel Day, Francis Williams, Dean Weitzel, Geralyn Childers,
Bill Wempen, Arthur Leonhardt, Shirley Fike. Center: Luanne Davis,
John White, Mr. Delmar R. Warde (Supt.) Mr. Roy Reno (class sponsor),
Wanda Gordon, Maurice Davis. Bottom: Gehrig Gantenbein,
Alice Gordon, Gary Gantenbein, Wilma Olson.
Class of 1954
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Edward Watters, Bonnie Rohn, Alfred Presgrove, Alice Riggs,
Gene Wasson, Thelma Lund, Clinton Boss. Center: Donna Olson,
Charles Starks, Diane Becker, Bob Childers, George Wall, Edward Bowers,
Shirley Patton. Bottom: Delmar R Warde (Supt.), Merriel K. Clark (class sponsor)    
Class of 1955
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Dorothy Lyberger, Nils Gabrielsen, Sally Butler, Richard Stearns,
Patricia Geis, Andrew Hollenbeck, Jean Auty. Center: Patricia Pattison,
Harry Wolf (sponsor), Leslie N. Smith (Supt.), Gene Patch (sponsor),
David Pince. Bottom: Everett Dudley, Darrell Cooper.
Class of 1956
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Elaine Hobbs, Gay Sportsman, Francine Smith, Herb Bowers,
 LoRetta Williams, Leonna Riggs, Joyce Rolland. Center: Don Wempen,
Jerry Wasson, Shirley Ann Watters, Harold Rockney, Alvin Olson.
Bottom: Gordon Honeycutt, Helen Carroll (sponsor),
Mr. A. Hansen (Supt.) Sara Jo Maxey.
Class of 1957
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Donald Williams, Paul Childers, Larry Foster, Louise Dodrill,
Junior Fuller, Yvonne Morgan. Bottom: Alan Auty, Mrs. Carroll (sponsor),
Phyllis Newbrough, Mr. Hansen (Supt.), Eugene Butler.
Class of 1958
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Laverne Olheiser, David Boss, Sandra Boss, Ben Iturrian, 
Jim Burden, Marcella Brothwell. Bottom: Mr. James Burnett (sponsor), 
Mr. Hansen (Supt.).
Class of 1959
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Gary Manley, Jim Wasson, JoElla Leonhardt, Marie Gabrielsen,
Faye Knight, Kay Fike, Evelyn Stearns. Center: Marion Wempen,
Bill Crymble, Martha Yocum, Earl Starks. Bottom: Barbara Stearns,
Vernon Pickett, Mr. Jack Miller (sponsor) Wendell Hoshaw,
 Mr. Hansen (Supt.), Larry Pickett, Jeannie Knight.

Next week, the last decade of Pavillion High School graduates will be posted.


  1. If this is a duplicate, please delete one...

    Love the looks back... different class sizes... hair styles, etc. How was the class sponsor determined?

  2. I love how everyone dressed up. That's not always the case these days--even for senior photos.

  3. I was surprised how many names I recognized.
    Great trip back in time.

  4. I love seeing these photos. Like both Chan and Wool Winder said - seeing the hairstyles and the way the 'kids' dresses - not always the case these days. I love the history, that these photos are displayed in the school and that the class sizes are so small. g

  5. What fun...looking back like that!! It must be nice to be where you grew in and in a small place...that you know so many people!

  6. People actually tried to look nice for their school photos back then, how nice! I went to a very small high school, I found it nice overall


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