Friday, February 8, 2013

Foreign Friday

Main Gate
Misawa Air Force Base
Misawa, Japan
Autumn 1979
In 1979, two gates provided access to the base. Note that the vehicles are stopping at the check point and that they are driving on the left side of the road. Vehicles were stopped entering and exiting the base. Vehicles of those living on base had a sticker on the windshield. I am sure security is a lot tighter now.

An Air Festival/Show is held on the base every autumn, and the base was open for anyone in the community. This video gives you a taste of the 2009 show.

To the right of the gate was a building that checked pedestrian traffic. Many Japanese nationals worked on the base and walked or rode bicycles to work. The base bus stop was just inside the gate.

Also on the right was a building where gate passes were obtained.

The business to the left of the gate (large white sign on the building) is where I purchased my car.


  1. I WANT the old jeep that is passing through the gate. I LOVE old jeeps.

  2. i enjoyed the video of the air show!

  3. Your little blue car is adorable..just so tiny!

  4. Fantastic air show. Fun to watch. And I find their formations so how do they do that???

  5. Neat!! Was it hard to adjust to driving on the left?

  6. That's I love the bright colors.

    I got to drive a standard, with left hand drive in that was a treat.



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