Monday, April 23, 2012

Oddball Update

I promised another Oddball Baby Blanket update featuring the completed blankets. Sorry it has taken me so long to actually do it. Click the links below the photos to see the original posts.

Candy Hearts
Rainbow Brights
Fall Harvest
Fruit Salad
Mistletoe and Holly
Peppermint Twist
Gridiron Glory
Lavender Fields
(colors did not photograph correctly)
Just Ducky
(colors did not photograph correctly)


  1. Nice blankets! Candy Hearts, Gridiron Glory and Just Ducky are my favorites.

  2. Candy hearts is just soooo pretty colors and edging and I like the football one too. Nice to see them finished.

  3. Ohhh Nancy they are so nice. I can just see all the babies wrapped in these blankets!!

  4. Lucky babies and their parents!
    Rebel Follower

  5. They are all beautiful but Candy Hearts and Gridiron Glory are my favorites. Lucky babies!!

  6. WOW. Just Ducky and gridiron are my favorites. I love that individual knitters can come together for a great finish!

  7. I think I said, "Oh, my favorite!" six times. Hem. ;) Maybe I'll do my own oddball for one soon.

  8. Yay!! Look at all of those blankets!!! They're beautiful!!!!

  9. Oh they are all wonderful! I especially like the Rainbow Brights one..and Mistletoe and Holly! Well done:)

  10. Each and every one is beautiful. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. I love them all :)


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