Friday, April 20, 2012

Foreign Friday

Packers prepare my personal belongs to ship to Japan
The things I took would easily have only filled a quarter of a pick-up truck bed.

Since it would take nearly two months for the items in the first photo
to reach Japan, I had to take clothing for that period of time with me.
I took the molded Samsonite cases, a garment bag,
my camera, a purse, and a carry-on.

Luggage in the late 70s did not have wheels, which is why I also took a
collapsible luggage cart (in the white bag on the left). The two, red suitcases
were checked through from Denver to San Francisco. Once in San Francisco,
I had to carry my luggage to the bus terminal and catch the bus to Travis AFB.
Imagine if you will: two suitcases strapped to the luggage carrier with bungee
cords, the garment bag, my carry on, my purse, and my camera going down
an escalator in San Francisco's airport. It was not something I want to repeat.
Come back next week to see what I brought home two years later.


  1. I remember the day of suitcases without wheels. Never pack more than you can carry--that was a rule in our house. I suppose porters at airports did a better business back then than they do now.

  2. Those days with no wheels were the pits!!

  3. what a fun teaser for next week

  4. I had a set of Samsonite luggage just like that 'cept mine were blue. Once when I returned from my Grandmother's funeral in Albuquerque, my little family watched as they tossed my suitcase off the plane as it bounced of the pavement.....unharmed. It was goooood stuff!!! :o)

    I'm think a bit more came back...right?

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a super weekend!!!

  5. I watched a House Hunters International recently and the couple were moving to Japan. I thought of you. I've done the overseas move and know the difficulties so you are my hero!

    I came back from Germany alone with three children (DH had to stay). To make that kind of trip is one of life's "oh my gosh!" moments. I was left with the feeling that it was fun and interesting but I never want to do it again! I can't wait to see the return trip.

  6. That is quite a feat to get all that luggage to the AFB by yourself! We had Samsonite too our set was green..Far Guy got them as a Graduation gift..tough as nails! :)

  7. Given that I just spent time in SFO... no thank you. I will say that they have some of the nicest TSAs I've met. They were so respectful of my rather pregnant friend (who flies a LOT and thus, requested a pat-down instead of going through the scan-thing)...


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