Round and Round

Isn't this spiral stitch fun? I love the texture and the appearance because it dresses up the Sugar and Cream yarn.

The pattern for the gift bag can be found on Deb's Hakucho blog. She calls it a DYO (Design Your Own) Drawstring Bag. It is fairly large (8.5 inches tall when full and nearly a 20 inch circumference). I knit the bag on size 7 needles, using 3.5 ounces of Sugar and Cream, which is approximately 1 3/4 skeins (2 ounce skeins).

I opted to purchase cord for the tie because I didn't think I had enough yarn left to knit an i-cord. Personal tastes determine the length of cord, and since I prefer to have a droopy bow, I purchased 1.25 yards of cord.

Once filled and tied, the bag creates a nice gift. I still need to knot and trim the ends of the cord.


  1. The spiral stitch looks great on this bag.

  2. What an adorable bag, Nancy! I really like all of the extra touches you put on it!

  3. Too cute. It would make a great hat too. I can only knit socks, lol

  4. Such a neat idea. It is an adorable little bag. I can think of all kinds of uses for it.

  5. I just made the correction to the pattern.

    Sorry for any inconvenience! Next on my list is to make the correction in Ravelry....

    I love your bag!! It turned out great :) Thanks for all your help with the pattern :)

  6. Thanks for posting the finished size! I love how this knits up....I was led here from the designer Hakucho. Your bag turned out so nice. I think I'm going to knit one up for a Christmas gift. Does it take long to knit?


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