Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Lump or Two?

Marilyn gave me a puzzle last Christmas, and I finally got around to putting it together. It was a delight to see the tea party fall into place. Thanks, Marilyn.

Afternoon Tea
1,000 piece puzzle

On a side note: Yesterday, Alycia posted a photo of In the Wind on her blog, Alycia Quilts. Seeing it again nudges at my heart to work on another Quilt of Valor.


  1. What a pretty picture it made....lots of work..good job.

  2. I like the bright, cheery colors in this puzzle. This is the time of year I begin to crave putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but with company coming for Christmas, I need to keep the dining room table clear. Maybe in January...

  3. I'll be right over for the cup of tea. See you soon. Good job.

  4. I love puzzles and that one is fantastic!


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