Friday, December 10, 2010

Foreign Friday

Border between Hong Kong and China
December 1979

Boy, have I changed in the 30+ years since this photo was taken: my hair is now white, I've put on some pounds, and I no longer wear jeans that are too long. Yes, those are rolled cuffs on my jeans - how embarrassing.

I wonder how this border check-point has changed since 1979.


  1. I think you look quite stylish in the photo.

  2. Oh I think you look just great Nancy. I still roll the cuffs on my pants as I am lazy and SHORT!! LOL. I bet that border crossing is now a four lane highway full of trucks.

  3. I think you look rather cute in your rolled up jeans but just behind you in a rather intimidating fence. I can only imagine what that imagine must look like today with such unrest everywhere.


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