Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach Knitting

One sock was finished after a marathon delay in San Francisco: the plane scheduled to take us to Honolulu was struck by lightning and did not pass inspection in San Francisco. We waited, and waited, and waited literally hours for another plane which was coming from Honolulu. Our trip turned into a 19-hour journey that stretched our patience and our endurance.

Once we finally landed in Honolulu, we got the rental cars and drove to the North Shore, reaching our destination on November 20th about 2:45 AM (HST) which was 5:45 AM (MST) to our sleep deprived bodies. Sleep had been nearly impossible on the flight due to crying babies, so we gratefully fell into bed at the resort. It had been a long day we left Denver November 19th at 1:45 PM (MST) which was 10:45 AM (HST). 

On Monday, I started the second sock and spent all day Tuesday resting and knitting. 

Nothing better than relaxing in the shade, watching the surfers, drinking a Bloody Mary, and knitting a second sock. Aaah, life is good. 


  1. I hope the flight back was better. The socks are looking good.

  2. And where was my invite to the sock/bloody mary party??? Ok. I see how it is :)

    It looks like a perfect morning.

  3. How exciting that you went to Hawaii! Looks like the vows renewal, food, and knitting were great, even if the travel left something to be desired!

  4. Isn't Oahu beautiful? My daughter lives in Honolulu. I enjoyed watching the surfers at the North Shore. Your socks indeed are beautiful, as is all of your work.

    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Been nursing a husband with a broken ankle, which after 3 weeks had to have emergency surgery on it....etc. You get the picture.

    Hope you have a great season.

  5. Sounds like the perfect place to knit and relax :)


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