Monday, December 13, 2010

Dino Guide

Hanging on one side of my garage is vinyl dinosaur. He helps me to gauge not only how far to pull up so the garage door can close without hitting my car but also when to stop so I have room to walk in front of my car. When I had two vehicles, I used him to help center my car in one side of the garage and allow enough room to open the doors and walk between the two vehicles.

What was hanging on the other side of the garage? Something even more bizarre than a vinyl dinosaur?

I was "lead by the nose" as I "nosed" the pick-up into the garage.

Of course, I could purchase something to like this garage stop sign or use a simple tennis ball, but this green dinosaur never fails to make me smile as I pull into the garage.

How do you determine where to park in your garage?


  1. A dinosaur and a nose are much more creative than a stop sign, though I'm sure you have some explaining to do when people step into your garage for the first time.

  2. Well, I pull up under the tree, onto the papermill felt DH placed for me, and get out! No garage here, so this is the best I can do for now. (Actually, we HAVE sheds but they are all full of STUFF.)

    Love the dino... very cute! I read the title and thought you were going to post about digging for fossils or something! HAHA! I have done this in Wyoming... lots of fun.


  3. We have a 2 car garage (plus workshop) that is used solely by the muscle car. The 2 trucks and my car sit outside on the driveway in the elements. What is wrong with this picture?

  4. Those are too funny. I am boring and use a tennis ball. I need to be more creative.

  5. Those are great parking markers and so funny. I am not so creative. I just have arrows painted on the walls marking the stop spot.
    I am glad I found your blog. I will be following.

  6. Great idea...I need to raid my boys old toy chest to find a guide for my garage :)

    Thanks Nancy for your email about the errors in my pattern...first chance I get I'll have to modify the pattern. No time right now, but it is on my to-do list. I think I should have test knitters for any future patterns ;)

  7. Oh Nancy -- how funny a nose and a plastic dinosaur. I use a set of shelves next to my car. I would much rather have something fun hanging from the ceiling but what I have works fine so why bother! B.

  8. I bet you laugh every time you park your car. How could you not!!


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