Monday, December 6, 2010

Airport Knitting

I followed the Carry-On Baggage Rule 1 + 1 on the flights to and from Hawaii: one completed sock and one on the needles.

I finished Ocean Surf on the way home 

and Bloody Mary on the island. 


  1. Simple socks are really the best in my opinion. These are great!

  2. I just love the bloody mary socks. too fun!!

  3. Each time I see your knitting, I drool a wonderful!

  4. Nice socks; love those yarns! That has to be my favorite type of pattern too. Any problems flying with needles these days?

  5. That's great that you could knit on your flight. I have jury duty coming up in Feb. and I am worried I may not be able to knit. I need to call the courthouse to find out for sure closer to the date. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be miserable if I can't knit.

    Love your socks!!


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