Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today will probably be a pajama day: yesterday's activities were exhausting.

For the past twenty years, I have joined a group of friends in hosting a yard sale. Some years more than ten people bring items to the sale. We have learned to keep boxes in the garage into which we place items we no longer need. I add to my yard sale box throughout the year, but I need to remind myself to price the items when I box them. The location of the sale has evolved over the years.

We used to move it from location to location, depending on who had the most items. When I moved to town, my house became the central location, and for over ten years, the sale was in my garage. I didn't mind too much because I didn't have to haul my items anywhere. But the sale grew too big for my garage.

Four years ago, we discovered we could rent a building at the fairgrounds. It was ideal with lots of parking, tables and clothing racks available on the premises, protected from the weather, a lock on the door. Being in the large building allows us to set up everything the afternoon before, lock the door, and allow the community access when we are ready. We struggled with early bird shoppers when we were at my home. There was no way to keep them from getting in the way and lurking. At one point we even tried putting up a rope barrier but it was just too crazy. The building solved that problem.

We have found an efficient system of checking people out, so the lines are not too long. Our sale is anticipated by the community and is always successful because we price items to sell not to make a profit. Yesterday, our sales totaled $1,400. This year, my share was $48: I was happy to get some unwanted items out of my house and have some pocket money, too.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for the day, I also had a Support Group meeting scheduled. So, I worked the yard sale from 7 - 10 AM. At 10 AM I picked up the presenter who came here from Florida so we could go food shopping for the meeting. At noon, we began to set up the support group meeting room. The meeting was from 1 - 3 PM. I got home and crashed and began to settle in the night. The presenter called me at 5 PM and asked me to join her for a movie. I accepted and got home at 10 PM.

"Whew!" Yes, today will be a pajama day with no guilt.


  1. wow-that was a full day!! time to take a pajama day for sure!

  2. What a huge undertaking! Hope you get all rested up.

  3. Wow girl...I hope you did that "Pj" much needed...That was a really busy day..Looks like a huge garage sale..What movie did you see??
    Take care. Hugs:)

  4. Phew, Nancy, your activities for that day make me tired merely reading about them!


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