Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recycling Vintage Calendars

Remember linen calendars? When I lived at home, my mother had at least one hanging in the kitchen, and over the years, she had quite a collection.

What can be done with an outdated linen calendar? After I washed and ironed them, I turned them into tote bags for shopping or for crafts, using this technique on What's That Gonna Be?

The bags are lined with some fabric from my stash, making them reversible.

A lady in my knitting group gave me a large cotton tea towel from New Zealand several weeks ago. I made it into a bag with shoulder straps. She was delighted when I gave the bag to her Tuesday night.

I rescued this souvenir towel at the garage sale earlier this month. It also has longer, shoulder straps.

Some people may think I am crazy for ruining these vintage calendars, but at least now, they are out of storage and can be useful.


  1. I think it's a great use for the calendars! You'll enjoy them even more, now that you can use them for something.

  2. I love them! Could also use them to go to the grocery store and carry around your knitting and just lots of other things....and they are great conversation peices too:)

  3. Nancy! I get the neateest ideas on your blog! I can't wait to scour around garage sales and thrift stores now for vintage calender towels.

  4. What a wonderful idea...I had a similar thought about a souvenir table topper I got at the op shop recently..hugs Khris


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