Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Wing

Update: four pale blue eggs with brown spots are now visible in the nest. I think it is a house finch nest, but I am not sure.

Another type of bird was spotted in my yard yesterday, but this one came from my knitting needles.

Fremont Fiber Guild members are decorating a seven foot tree for the local Festival of Trees in December, and the group decided to use red or gold decorations, created from wool and other natural fibers.

Last summer, I reclaimed a vibrant, red sweater made of lambswool, and the yarn worked perfectly for this project. I experimented with various patterns, but many of them just didn't look right or were confusing to knit. I found a cute bird ornament by Mel on Slip Slip Knit.

The tail was frogged twice before the directions made sense to me. I'll show this prototype to guild members at Knitting Group tonight. I know they will be pleased with the result and will request the pattern. I plan to make two birds for the tree and maybe one for myself.


  1. The knitted bird looks great! You'll be a pro at the pattern by the time you finish two more.

    Thanks for the nest update.

  2. Wow, the red bird looks wonderfully fun. Can't wait to see the baby birds!

  3. How did the little finch eggs fare your recent snowstorm?

  4. Lovely! Your bird is gorgeous.


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