Thursday, April 2, 2009

Neighborhood Watch

I openly admit that I am an idealist: I have a strong sense of justice and expect the same from others.

Unfortunately, some people do not share my respect for the law and act irresponsibly.

During the last two weeks, my neighbor and I have "cussed and discussed" two vehicles at the end of our street. We wondered why the police had not solved the situation. Of course, neither of us had called the police and reported the violation, and obviously, none of the other neighbors had complained either. So, the miscreants continued to thumb their noses at the law.

Last night, I decided that I was tired of grumbling about the two vehicles (a car and a pickup) that have made a habit of parking directly in front of a fire hydrant on my street. Not only are they parked illegally, but they also block the view of on-coming traffic, creating a blind spot and forcing traffic to swerve into the other traffic lane.

When I got home from knitting group last night, I walked down the street and took photos of the two vehicles parked directly in front of the hydrant. To assure the police could find the right vehicles, I also took close-up photos of the license plates. Then, I emailed the photos and my complaint to the police chief and the patrol officer. Hopefully, the situation will be remedied this evening.

How do you keep your neighborhood safe?


  1. Good for you. I hope they take action.

  2. If you disappear and we never hear from you again, we all have that car and license plate photo!

  3. Right is right and if we do nothing the wrong rules...way to go!

  4. Good for you, Nancy!

    I guess the main thing I do is to keep my eyes and ears open. I keep an eye out for unfamiliar vehicles driving by, especially when they drive by slowly. Of course, on the weekends, I know they're usually looking for garage sales, but if I see them during the week, I watch closely.

    We live in a nice neighborhood, but we have had our fair share of robberies take place, mostly things being taken from open garages or unlocked cars.

  5. Good for you Nancy..we have pretty good Patrol in our Neighborhood but we all are looking out for strange vehicles, speeders,etc..Hope that will take care it that..


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