Monday, April 13, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Outside My Window. . . the sky is gray and dreary. It was clear earlier, but now a spring storm is moving into the area. I only hope that the moisture will be in a more liquid form than the past weeks' storms. I am glad that the snow has melted, giving the lawns around town a much needed drink. My yard is beginning to turn from a drab beige to a fresh green.

I am thinking. . . about my neighbor, as he is back in the hospital.

I am thankful... for all the fresh produce and fruit featured in the grocery store. I purchased some asparagus and strawberries on Saturday. Nothing tastes more like Spring than asparagus. When I lived on the farm, every year I to hunt for wild asparagus along the ditch banks and in old farm yards. The location of these patches were a well guarded secret. I wonder if anyone has discovered my treasure and if they enjoy it as much as I did.

On a plate in the kitchen... are the crumbs of my lunch - an egg salad sandwich, a fresh tomato, and some cold, steamed asparagus.

I am wearing... some comfy sweats.

I am creating... or attempting to create a knitted bird for the Fiber Guild Christmas tree. One pattern was a major flop, but the one I am working on now has potential.

I am planning... the April issue of the support group newsletter.

I am reading... my way through a stack of magazines. Sometimes I read them as soon as the arrive in the mail, but lately, they have been gathering dust near my knitting chair.

I am praying... that my neighbor bounces back quickly from this latest health issue.

I am hearing... the steady ticking and a slight whir of the wall clock. It is preparing to strike the hour.

One of my favorite things... a vine-ripened tomato still warm from the sun.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week. . . a) conference call tomorrow, b) finish the knitted bird, c) prepare the newsletter, d) Fiber Guild meeting.

A quote worth sharing. . .

"I've got to keep my priorities in order: my faith, my family, and being of service through my work. The minute those priorities are out of order, my coping skills go out the window.

A friend used to say, 'JOY: Jesus, Others, You.' I write the code word, JOY, on a scrap of paper and put it on my bathroom mirror so when I brush my teeth I see it."

~ Kathy Ireland ~

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  1. Very nice. Hope you have a good week, it's cold and rainy here.

  2. Nancy..
    Hope you have a great week:) Hope the snow is done...Greener grass is also a welcomimg sign of Spring:))
    Hope your neighbor is OK..

  3. Nancy, you have me craving asparagus. It's one of my favorite foods. My favorite way to eat it is roasted, but however it's cooked, I love it. I just wish it weren't so expensive in the store!

    A vine-ripened tomato, still warm from the sun, is also a favorite of mine. :-)

  4. The new green of spring is always a welcome sight.


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