Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Off Limits

Yesterday was beautiful - sunny and much warmer. I went out to remove the holiday wreath from the shed, but something caught my eye as I put my hands on each side.

The wreath will stay where it is for now because I simply cannot remove it while the birds are nesting.

Look closer. Do you see what I see?

Two eggs are nestled in the small nest.

This nest is strictly off limits for the Easter Egg Hunt.


  1. You have to leave it now. It will be fun to watch the progress. Do you know what kind of bird is nesting there?

  2. Oh my - one of the lovely life lessons. How dear! 8-)))

  3. I sense a possible photo essay coming! lol I hope the eggs will hatch and the baby birds will be just fine, but it's a good thing that wreath is off limits!

  4. How sweet! You've got to leave it now, but it's still pretty!

  5. What a beautiful surprise! I hope it lifted your day as much as it did mine.
    Blessings, Sarita

  6. Oh, how sweet! I hope you get pictures when they hatch. :-)

  7. Natures little wonders, soon to be natures little miracles. Beautiful!
    (and the wreath is quite festive too! hahahahaha)


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