Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have had enough of snowy weather. I am officially crying Uncle, Uncle

Hmmmm, I suppose it might help if I took the wreath off of the door of my shed.


  1. me too! No more snow! (and perhaps take down the wreath... but it's probably cooooold out there, huh?)

  2. Oh my - we are in the midst of a blizzard here in western Nebraska.

    Your Christmas wreath? mnnn, I still have my Christmas flowers/greenery on my mailbox. We're in good company. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness.... look at that snow. I just watched the news/weather and we're supposed to get snow too. Please, no more! I can't take it!

  4. I feel for you. Take the wreath of the door and see if it changes your luck.


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