Marking the Spot

Sockhead Cowl progress
November 2021

Knitting continues on the Sockhead Cowl: I am now working on the final ribbed section. 

Since the sock blank was double knit, I separated the strands as I worked on the cowl. When I finished the first ribbing section with one strand, I looped a string of crochet cotton around the point on the second strand and continued rolling the second strand into a ball. 

string marking the spot to begin
knitting the final ribbed section

With the start of the ribbing clearly marked, I don’t have to play yarn chicken. 

It shouldn’t take too long to finish this project. 


  1. Clever! That is really pretty yarn.

  2. Oh, so clever is right! The hat will be a very warm knit!

  3. That is really pretty yarn. It looks so soft. That is a clever way to keep track!

  4. That was brilliant! It's so pretty too. Love the Sockhead cowl pattern. I need to make another of those.

  5. How clever! The colors in that one are just lovely together.

  6. Clever way to mark. I’ve used pieces of yarn but never thought to loop it over the yarn so I didn’t have to move it or worry about it falling out. Kudos for a really smart move!


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