Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Patriot - clue #2

twelve rail fence blocks
February 2018
Clue two for The Patriot mystery was easy to complete - twelve rail fence blocks. I pulled the red strips from my 2.5 inch scrap bin and cut the white from yardage. The blocks were trimmed to 9.5 inches.

The clues for this Mystery for the Military are released weekly on Wednesdays.

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  1. I always like doing rail fence blocks.

  2. Like a picket fence! Very nice.

  3. Hmmm....the mystery deepens. How fun!

  4. Must be stars and stripes:) What fun to see it come together!

  5. You are keeping up so well. This will be another really nice QOV quilt.

  6. I think I see a FLAG in your future. LOL

  7. These will look great with clue 1. So interesting to watch this one come together. I've been saving the clues so far.

  8. Wow, you've been very busy! I LOVED the sheep cartoon.

  9. Nice to have the blocks done but that went too fast for you! lol


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