Wednesday, February 7, 2018

QOV Sew Day

fabric cut and ready for a QOV
Saturday, February 3, 2018 was the national Quilt of Valor Sew Day. The local QOV group scheduled a sew-in at a local church, but I decided to stay home and work. I finished American Spirit (shown in yesterday's post) and prepared a kit (shown above) for another QOV, using the same pattern.

The Flannel Roses pattern requires a 16.5 inch center, so I'm adding a narrow, navy frame on the napkin to bring it up to size.
fabric cut and ready for another QOV
Since I was on a roll and in the mood to cut fabric, I prepared a kit. The pattern I selected for this QOV uses smaller pieces, but one of the patriotic napkins will still be in the center.

February's UFO challenge goal is to use as many of the patriotic napkins as I can to make Quilts of Valor.


  1. Gosh! How many patriotic napkins do you have? These will be so pretty.

  2. I've found that I really like to make kits which allows me to grab and sew or in some cases go. You're doing a great job on this year's QOV.

  3. Making some kits is smart. Now you have some all ready to sew. I often kit up several pillowcases at a time.

  4. Beautiful as always. I'm finding that I'm trying to avoid crowds as much as possible these days because of the flu. Church is my one exception.
    I have several knitting/crochet projects on the go at any one time. It makes it easy to grab a bag and go if I need something to work on when not at home.

  5. I;m not going to knit group today either. The roads are just okay and I was out with friends yesterday, so I feel the need to stay in do luandry, and knit the day away. Im so lucky

  6. Kitting up things is my favorite part of a project, working on them afterwards-not so much! I think I missed my calling.

  7. I love riding that crafty feeling and getting things prepped and ready to go. The napkins are really just an awesome piece to build around with all those lovely fabrics.

  8. Getting it all cut out ahead is so smart. Then on a day when all you want to do is sew, you'll have plenty to do.

    I should rib up some socks (the part I dislike) --- the I'll have a selection to work on. Probably won't do that, but it WOULD be a good idea. LOL

  9. Nice beginnings-I like the color scheme! How many napkins did you say you had?!


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