Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Patriot - clue #1

clue #1
Mystery Quilts for Military QAL
The Patriot
February 2018
The first clue for the Mystery Quilts for the Military quilt along (QAL), The Patriot, was released last week and resulted in sixteen, 9.5 inch wonky star blocks. Making stars with wonky points was fun and something I hadn't tried before.

I used yardage for the stars, but the dark blue squares were pulled from 3.5 inch scrap bin.

Want to join in the fun? The clues will be posted on Alycia Quilts.


  1. That does look like fun! I love the white on all the dark blue.

  2. That is stunning!

  3. Love that navy blue surrounding the stars. I'm excited to watch this come together.

  4. Wonky stars look even harder than regular one!

  5. Whoa! Those wonky stars look difficult! Such a pretty block though.

  6. I love paisley . Great new start!!! Go Nancy go!

  7. What fun! These will look great and we look forward to the next clue with you!


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