Thursday, February 22, 2018

Square Dance - clue #1

clue #1 in progress
Square Dance QAL
February 2018
Clue #1 for the Square Dance mystery QAL was released last week. In between errands and appointments, I made some progress on the clue. All the 2.5 inch squares I cut for the mystery will be used for this first clue to make 56 nine-patch blocks. I have 20 completed blocks, so I have a lot more sewing to do before this clue is finished.  The next clue will not be released until March, so I do not have to rush.

If you want to work on this mystery quilt, the information and clues can be found on Carole's blog From My Carolina Home


  1. That's a lot of blocks...good thing you have till March...but that's next week already!!! how did that happen?

  2. I love the neutral colors on this one.

  3. Do you have elve sthat come in and sew while you sleep? 20 blocks done already? They are beautiful. I have always liked nine patch squares.

  4. So nice that the clues come with time so that you don't feel rushed! I love nine patch quilts to, Like Betsy

  5. Classy color combination! Nice work on the piecing!

  6. I love the look of 9 patch blocks but don't make them very often. This made me want to go make some just for fun.

  7. Is that black, neutral and brown? I like the colors a lot. Mystery quilts can be an easy way to make a quilt if the clues are released with time in between. I gave up making them (for the most part) when I realized that almost every quilt I made was a mystery quilt. Now I participate if I really want to but I also choose the quilts I want to make.

  8. That's a very precise 9 patch. Getting those corners to match up is always a headache for me.

  9. Love the colors. Can’t wait to see what it is, my quilt club did a mystery quilt this year and I always get nervous when I do one if I’ll like the pattern.


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