Thursday, February 15, 2018

Back in Time - Small Details

Uncle Jake, Cousin ?, Uncle Otto, Uncle Albert, Dad
John (brother)
near Edgemont, SD
approximately 1938
Several years ago, my mom told me this photo was taken in December 1938 before or after her mother's funeral. My oldest brother John shown in the front would have been about six at the time.

The can in the foreground caught my eye, and a quick Google search revealed it is a School Boy peanut butter tin.
image found online
I wonder how many of these cans were used for lunch pails over the years?


  1. I didn’t even see the can until I read what you wrote. I remember my Mom telling me that she and Dad both used pails like that for their lunches. She said that they were both happy to have any food to put into the pails as it was during the Great Depression.

  2. Did you grow up near Edgemont? ...close to my stomping grounds. I love how all the men wore hats.

  3. What a good eye. I see the can. Using them as lunch pails....genius. I love that they all look happy. So many old photos from my hungarian side look like mug shots!!!

  4. What a great picture! I didn't notice the can/bucket until I read your post. I think my Dad used a "bucket" of some kind for school lunches.

  5. What a good photo! I wonder if those peanut butter cans were made with handles and covers so that they could be used for things like lunch pails. Made me think of peanut butter coming in glass jars ready to become drinking glasses once empty.

  6. What a treasure! My mom has all the old photos of our family-we go through them every year when I visit! Love this!

  7. These are the kinds of things that are truly fascinating to see and learn about when you come across old pictures.

  8. Isn't that fun to find a connection like that!!!

  9. Seeing all of your older photos makes me want to look through my family albums. I'm not sure I'd find as many interesting photos though. Maybe I will sometime.

  10. I bet many of them were used as lunch pails:) I love the old tins:)


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