Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Fun

two women and three dogs wear the same sweater designs
Fort Collins, CO
November 2017
Sitting in the outside beer garden at Odell Brewing Company, we noticed two women walking three dogs. What set these women apart from all the others with dogs were the holiday sweaters they and their four-legged companions were wearing. As we were leaving, we noticed a man and another woman wearing the same sweater: the family of four and their three dogs were decked out in matching holiday sweaters.

Have you and your pet ever worn matching outfits?


  1. Ha! Great picture. Tyg would NOT wear any clothing...he would scratch me all up if I even tried. LOL

  2. No - but as a little girl I would dress out old mama cat in doll clothes and put her in my doll buggy. She tolerated being pushed up and down the sidewalk, wearing a bonnet and dress.

  3. Oh and does it count if my daughter's dog wears a KC Chiefs jersey when the family watches football?

  4. Rosie has any outfit off in a flash! But what a cute family!

  5. Now THAT made me smile!!! Only goldens. They are so good at cooperating. Love this post Nancy

  6. How about that! How nice that they posed for you while you snapped their photo.

  7. I'm with Kathy! That sure gave me a huge smile this morning. What sweet dogs and they must have a family that loves them very much.

  8. Oh I love this! Dug used to love to wear things, but we never matched - though we were often wearing the same "theme" as it were ... :-)

  9. Ummmmmmmm....I asked and Giroux said --- ah h*ll NO! He's not the sweater type. LOL

    Those dogs and their family are adorable!

  10. No, I haven't had a matching pet outfit but this sure would put a smile on my face if I saw them!


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