Monday, December 4, 2017

Neighbor Gifts

knit dishcloths for neighbor gifts
December 2017
It's common for my neighbors to drop by with a plate of cookies, fudge, or other delicious treats between now and Christmas, and I like to have dishcloths knit to give to them in return.

By the end of this week, I'll roll two matching dishcloths together and secure with a colorful ribbon. The bundles will be placed in a basket by the front door and ready for visitors.

Do you give gifts to your neighbors?


  1. Those are really pretty! We don't give gifts to our neighbors...with the exception of the guy across the street, we are not very fond of our neighbors...

  2. I only have one and they don't participate in Christmas celebrations! I do like to give gifts like this to special ones at church though!

  3. That is a great idea Nancy. I fear I'll be empty handed even though I think I've covered it all during the hOlidays. Perhaps Ill knit a few dishcloths tonight! THanks Teacher

  4. As you know already, I've failed in the basket of dishcloths for this year. I'll try again for next year. But...I do bake mini loaves of banana, poppyseed and almond bread for the neighbors. There are 10 on our block so it's a couple of days of baking. I enjoy it though.

  5. I use to do Christmas goodies for neighbors and some coworkers when we live in a really small town. Now we don't know our neighbors very well and I've quit doing that. Maybe we would know them better if I brought them cookies!

  6. What a lovely idea! And how nice that your neighbors bring you some goodies.

    Our neighbors are friendly, but generally they are busy corralling their kiddos at this time of year - I think most of them tend to buy baked things.

  7. Yes usually ornaments we carve and or pumpkin bread...or this year some wild rice:)


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