Saturday, December 16, 2017

Virtual Advent Tour - Entertainment

It’s Day 16 of Sprite Write’s Virtual Advent Tour where bloggers from around the world share traditions they enjoy during the holiday season.

Holidays bring families together for an extended period of time. Many travel hundreds of miles in order to enjoy the company of relatives they don't see very often. The kitchen table is a good place to visit, to eat, and to play games.
Justin, Marilyn, Dwight, Stephanie, and Harold take a break from a
competitive game of Mexican Train (a domino game)
November 2017
Whenever my family gathers for the holidays, we enjoy playing games. Sometimes, it's Mexican Train, a domino game, which can last several hours; card games like Nerts, Thirty-one, or Canasta; board games like Sequence, Apples and Oranges, or Rummikub; or dice games like Farkle, Kismet, Yahtzee, or Liar's Dice.

Family, holiday entertainment sometimes extends beyond the house, and we go to a movie or bowling.
Brenda and Marilyn work on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
It's also common for family members to work on a jigsaw puzzle.

No matter what the game or diversion, my family enjoys spending time together, and holidays provide ample opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

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  1. We love games and puzzles, too! I've played Mexican Train on line, and we love Rummikub and Apples & Oranges! So fun when there's a good group to play with!

  2. When we lived near family we always played boardgames on the holidays. I do miss that. Our friends Neal and Jenny come over once a month and we play Mexican train dominoes. I’m so grateful for good friends. Enjoy your family celebrations!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. WE love Mexican Train. I suspect we'll be playing that soon . I love a Saturday NANCY post! Thanks for being part of Advent Virtual Tour! I have a post coming Tuesday !

  4. My husband, daughter and I have developed a tradition of doing jigsaw puzzles of winter break,and it is really fun.

  5. My family enjoys games of any kind too. I've never played Mexican Train, but it sure seems popular!

  6. My husband's family loves to play cards when we get together, which I really enjoy. Ironically my oldest daughter hates playing cards but her husband loves it. My other daughter loves to play and her husband hates it. So the non-card players always find something else to do. My girlfriends love to play Mexican Train too. I might have to teach the grandkids that one as they get old enough.

  7. You would fit right in our family gatherings! I love to play Thirty One!


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