Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Back in Time - Baking Cookies

Chris M. and Nancy S
making sugar cookies
approximately 1991 or 1992
It's time to make a batch of Marilyn's sugar cookies. It makes a big batch, so I plan to use my Valentine and St. Patrick's Day cookie cutters, too. Those cookies will be frozen until it's time to thaw and frost.

Note: this a a recipe from the early 60s when lard was a common ingredient - just substitute with Crisco.  You will have to experiment with your preferred thickness of the rolled dough to result in the perfect sugar cookie.


  1. oh, how I love sugar cookies....
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. Don't bake anymore but use to and sugar cookies were a favorite.

  3. What a fun picture and thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm thinking of waiting to make cut-out cookies until after the holidays...there are already too many sweets around the house!

  4. Doesn't the simple act of pulling out that recipe card just bring back the memories? What a fun picture! We decorated Easter egg cookies with the grandkids last spring. But no one thought to take any pictures, since I'm always the one with the camera - and my hands were busy. :-)

  5. Look at those pretty blue plates on the wall! Oh cut out cookies, downfall! HEy I just read that Wyoming has only 2 escalators in the whole state!

  6. Sugar Cookies are Dennis’ favorite cookie of all time. Since there are ready so many sweets around, I haven’t done any baking this year. I think maybe when we get back from Mandy’s in January I’ll make a batch and take your idea and freeze part of them for later in the year.
    Blessings always,

  7. Such a cute photo!
    I love sugar cookies, but I make mine with butter. It's funny to think that lard is good in baking, but it must be.

  8. I love to try out different sugar cookie recipes! I will hold on to this, and try it soon! thank you Nancy!

  9. We can still buy lard up here...cookies are the best with lard:)

  10. What a great photo! I love sugar cookies. They are one of the best things to bake with someone else. :-)


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