Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gloria Cowls

Gloria cowls knit with sock yarn
December 2017
The Gloria Cowl is a good pattern for sock yarn that is not particularly suited for socks.

I have a lot of sock yarn, and some of it makes me shake my head and question my judgement, either because of the color, the fiber content, or the way it feels. For example, I began knitting socks with the black and purple, and it actually striped vertically which looked really odd. The socks were frogged, and the yarn became a cowl.

The Gloria Cowl pattern uses sock yarn and knit double-stranded which creates a nice fabric. Even though it has a seed stitch border (top and bottom) it tends to roll, but light blocking stops the roll.

Pattern: Gloria Cowl by Orinda5 - free pattern on Ravelry

Needles: US 8

  •  Purple and black cowl - Match 100 (Midnight #55254)
          75% superwash wool and 25% polyamide
          one skein (420 meters)

  •  Purple, pink and teal cowl  & neckwarmer
          Match 100 (Jeweltones #55188)
          75% superwash wool and 25% polyamide
          one and a half skeins of yarn (approx. 620 meters)

  •  Earthtone cowls - Noro Taiyo Sock yarn (S2)
          50% cotton, 17% wool, 17% nylon, 16% silk
          two skeins (420 meters)

Noro Taiyo Scock yarn cowls

This pattern is definitely a "potato chip" knit - so difficult to stop at one.

Have you done any "potato chip" knitting or sewing lately?


  1. I consider my scrappy blanket to be potato chip knitting. You just have to see how that NEXT square looks with all the others.

    I too have plenty of sock yarn that shouldn't be socks. I didn't know in the beginning that you really need some nylon in there. Some of it will be hats, but I may try one of those cowls too.

  2. Mittens are my potato chip Knitting. I have a whole bag of partial skeins of sock yarn though and I may end up making a blanket with that because I just can’t stand to see it not being used. Your cowls are great.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. It is now in my Rav favorites, and queue. Thank You Nancy, I have some sock yarn just dying to become a cowl like this! I like the edge very much.
    I've done two vests from the same pattern, but with changes to the second , so that is my potato chip knit for now!

  4. Those are really pretty. Thanks for the pattern link. My potato chip knitting at the moment is my secret Christmas knitting. Good thing it is potato chip and not making me crazy - lol.

  5. I think the cowls are a great use for your sock yarn.

    Love the bit about the vertical stripes.

  6. Oh, I can see why you could just keep knitting these!

  7. I always appreciate your knitting choices. I've got a lot of leftover sock yarn. Maybe I'll try one of these smaller ones. I knit one once but it was scratchy and way to big. Sigh.


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