Friday, December 1, 2017

Helpful Tools - Counters

Knitting row counters
Row counters are handy tools. I use one to count the heel flap rows: for adult socks, I knit 27 rows for the heel flap. I also use the counters when working with a more complicated pattern. I've been known to use paper and pencil to keep track of repeats, but the counter is by far more accurate.

Both row counters are Clover products. I like the green one the best because it has a "lock" on the clicker. Sometimes, the row counters are just too hard for others to resist clicking before they realize what they've done. A "lock" makes that a bit harder to do.

I've seen row counter bracelets, but I've never used one. I also have row counter that slips on straight needles, but I don't use straight needles very much.

Do you use a row counter?


  1. For socks I usually use a pen and paper - easier that way for me to be sure the two socks will have the same number of rows. I have used row counters for sweaters. When knitting shawls I often use a chart, so just highlight the rows as I do them.

  2. I had one that slipped on your finger and have two that you can slip on your needle or the line of a circular needle and they are life savers.

  3. I do use the same kind that you show above. For some projects, it's the only way I can keep track of things.

  4. I do. I have two of the green ones and FOURTEEN red ones. How I got 14 of the red, I'll never know. Like you, I prefer the green ones. They don't click as easily when you drop them.

    I don't like the ones you slide on your needles. They loosen over time and become unreliable.

  5. I, too, use those exact same row counters. I have several red ones and only one green one. I like the green one best too for the same reason as you do. I use them all with most of my projects.

  6. I own the same green one. I almost never use it because ...I forget to click it. I know. Crazy! It is right there. I usually mark allover the pattern with a pen or on a notepad near the pattern.

  7. Yes, my ipad app has a counter that I use when I’m working from a digital pattern but if I’m not working from a pattern and need to count rows I use an app on my phone.

  8. I like having row counters but I forget to click and then I try to guess and have a mess! I use pencil and write on the pattern 99% of the time!

  9. I use both of the ones in your picture. Like you, I've never used the beads or other types of counters, and I always make notes on my patterns so I can record them later in Ravelry.

  10. As a very spacey knitter, I depend on row counters. Even with them, I find myself off-track on a regular basis!


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