Monday, April 10, 2017

Travel Treasure

wrap around skirt
circa 1979
Thirty-eight years ago, this wrap around skirt was purchased after I toured a batik factory in Malaysia. The batik dyeing process intrigued me then and still does.

Today, quilt shops offer a wide selection of gorgeous batiks; however, the fabric was not common in the United States until the mid-90s.

I enjoyed wearing the skirt for several years and loved it so much that I tucked it in the cedar chest when it no longer fit. Recently, I found the skirt and decided to take it apart and salvage as many of the squares as possible.

Perhaps this stack of batik squares will become a table topper, a pillow, or placemats. No matter how I decide to use the squares, this souvenir fabric will remind me of many wonderful adventures.

batik scraps ready to be squared


  1. Oh what fun! I'm betting you were often stopped on the street and complimented on your skirt when you wore it. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects. What a wonderful way to recycle and to continue to enjoy those pretty fabrics.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics! And a great idea to salvage them and make them into something else. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. What a great idea and better then being in a chest.

  4. Oh I LOVE Batik. I can't wait to see what you create Nancy! Good thing you cut it because I was going to offer to be its next owner!

  5. That surely is a treasure!! Fun that you are re-purposing the fabrics!

  6. That is a perfect use of the squares! How fun! I can only imagine the memories you have from wearing it.

  7. It's wonderful that you are able to take it apart and reuse the fabric. The colors are GORGEOUS! Won't that make a BEAUTIFUL autumn table runner or wall hanging!

  8. What a great ideal to use some of those gorgeous fabrics - that skirt has a lot of happy memories. Like the other commenters, I'm waiting to see what you do with the squares. There will be plenty of fabric for several projects, I expect.

  9. I love batik fabric. One of my first retail jobs was for an importing retail company and I remember saving a portion of my paycheck to use towards a batik tank top with my company discount!

    Later my old coworker made me a beautiful batik quilt with a white background. I haven't taken it off my bedroom wall since it was gifted to me after I had my son. :)

  10. That is incredibly cool. And you should definitely make something from the squares you are cutting. In 1968 or so my dad brought me some batik from somewhere in Pacific. I doubt it was Bali but his ship was somewhere he could get it. At a mere 115 pounds I made a great jump suit for myself. I got rid of the jumpsuit but I still have pieces of the fabric left. I need to drag it out of its hiding place and add it to my batiks.

  11. A beautiful skirt and it will make a beautiful quilt project. Great idea!


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