Thursday, April 13, 2017

Back in Time - Easter

Chris and Stephanie M.
approximately 1992
This is one of my favorite photos of my great-niece and nephew. I love the composition and the colors. Remember Crayola bunnies?

Dyeing Easter eggs
Brenda M., Chris M., Stephanie M.
This photo was shared in an earlier post, but who doesn't love dyeing Easter eggs with little ones. The egg tongs that Chris is using in the photo were easier to use than the thin wire included with the dyeing tablets.


  1. Great pictures!! I remember using the thin wire loop that came in the dye kit...having my egg (ALWAYS) slip out and splash in the dye making a huge mess - lol. Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend.

  2. OMG that first picture is adorable! And it looks like the egg-dyeing picture is *very* serious work. ;-)

    I could never maneuver those wire things in the egg dye kits.

  3. Such sweet pictures. I don't remember the Crayola bunnies. Where was I? I even had little kids in 1992. We never used those wire things either. I always resorted to spoons. Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Such cute kids! We had fun dying eggs when our kids were little but haven't done it yet with the grandkids. They'll be here for Easter Sunday and we'll do an Easter egg hunt in the yard.

  5. Haven't thought of those Crayola bunnies in a long time! Darling photos. I dont think we will color any eggs this year.

  6. Such cute little kiddos! Easter egg tongs! Who knew???

  7. Darling picture...I miss my kiddo being that age!!

  8. They look like sweet times. I haven't dyed Easter Eggs in a long time.

  9. What cuties! My grands are getting too old to color eggs, I do enjoy looking at all the egg stuff in the stores:)

  10. Awe, so sweet! I miss coloring eggs with my kids.


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