Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chair Facelift

tools gathered for repair
April 2017
My knitting chair is a club chair recliner, and I have a bad habit of bracing my feet on the elevated foot rest, and the edge has been gradually showing more and more wear. It was at the point where I had to do something to make the chair presentable and to lengthen its life.

Several months ago, I purchased some heavy designer fabric and some cotton batting. Over the weekend, I gathered the necessary tools (heavy duty staple gun, pliers, screw driver, the fabric and batting), measured the foot rest and got to work.

chair with worn edge 
The fabric I found for the repair was darker than the chair, but I thought it would look better than the worn edge of the original fabric.

I debated on whether to remove the row of studs at the bottom (which are very uncomfortable on my heels) but I decided that the new batting would cover them.

recovered foot rest 

The footrest repair is not professional by any means, but it will extend the life of my knitting chair.

Before I purchase a chair for knitting, I make sure that my arms and elbows are at a comfortable height while sitting in the chair. If the chair's arms are too high, it is nearly impossible to knit.

Do you have a favorite chair for knitting or crafting?


  1. I do have a chair in the nook of our bedroom where I knit. The arms are a little far apart but I use a pillow on one side to prop one arm and the arm of the chair for the other.

  2. Nice job! I usually knit in my kitchen at the table which is comfortable for me. I also have a chair in the office room from my Grandmother's house - caned seat and no arms which works well.

  3. I always sit on the couch with a pillow behind me and a foot braced on the hassock:)

  4. Nice work fixing your chair! Once you find a chair you like, you've gotta make it last as long as you can. :-)

    As you know, I found a knitting chair over the weekend. So excited to clean it up and get it in just the right spot.

  5. What a great idea, I love the finished repair look! I have several places that I enjoy knitting while sitting. It has more to do with the view for me. I knit in a loveseat and the cats join me there often.(by the fireplace) I knit on a futon on the screened porch. I knit in the car as Fireman's passenger often as well. :)

  6. Oh, I totally understand. I don't do handwork, but I have to have my old tattered and 2x reupholstered office chair at my sewing machine. This is great and I don't know if I would have thought of this fix. Kudos to you!

  7. It looks great!!!

    I don't have a good knitting chair right now. Most of the time I either knit on the sofa (okay) or at the dining room table (not as comfortable, but can watch podcasts) . . . the worst are the chairs at the coffee shop. Since they started putting lycra in pants, those chairs are slippy ....I need one of the jar opener things to sit on to keep my from sliding off the chair.

  8. Well done!

    It's funny when I was younger, my Dad always had a "chair". Now that is me. We are like cats. We all have our spots in the living room. Occasionally we will switch it up, but the owner can always call out someone else for "their spot" back.

    My knitting chair is behind the couch. I admit to putting my barefeet on the back of it sometimes (don't tell my mom) and I have a reading lamp I can aim at my knitting while the boys spread on the couch in front of me on their devices or t.v. :)

  9. What a great repair! I have an old Lazy boy recliner that is 34 years old...my favorite!

  10. You did a wonderful job on your chair. I have a lazyboy that we've had for almost 20 years. It's starting to show wear in the same place that yours did. It's so comfortable I don't want to ever get rid of it.

  11. I see your talent runs to activities beyond knitting and quilting. Good job at keeping your chair functioning. I can knit in my lounger well enough. What irks me is my feet don't touch the floor when sitting in it closed. And yet they did in the floor sample. Sigh.

  12. Good job Nancy! A nice repair. I usually curl up on the couch to crochet, the light is good there. My desk is a great place to craft and I use my computer chair!

    I got the package today in the mail, please send me a wrist measurement, just a tape measure looped over your wrist where a bracelet might be worn.. I will make good use of everything you sent!:)


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