Monday, April 17, 2017

Tis' the Season

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Even though Winter and Spring are still having a tug-o-war, and the weather ranges from cold and snow, cold and rain, or blue sky and sunshine, my allergies know that green grass and blooming plants are just around the corner.

I try to get a jump on the allergy season by starting one of my medications in early to mid-March and the other one a few weeks later. I must have started taking the medication at the right time this year because my symptoms have been tolerable.

Do you suffer with seasonal allergies?


  1. Ugh yes! And things are well underway here. I find the the medications I use work for a season or two, and then stop, meaning I have to keep finding something else.

    I'm glad you are beating the allergy season, at least so far!

  2. Yes! Fall allergies are the worst for me. I like the nasal sprays and eye drops that are more local than systemic. They work well for me!

  3. This is strange, but I moved here, to the allergy capitol of the universe? And mine all went away! Hurrah!!!

  4. Yes. In Orlando the allergens were pine and oak pollen and I ended up with the sticky, gunky eyes.

    Here it is something else and both Steve and I have VERY stuffy noses. Our apartment was very moldy when we moved in and I think I have not found the last of it (as much as I've tried).

    I guess mold and old buildings by a river are a given.

  5. Yep - the cars are now yellow and I've been waking in the night with a sinus headache...and a dry cough. Glad you are doing ok so far this season - hope that continues.

  6. Yes my eyes itch I have drops. I would be a mess without them, your cartoon hits the nail on the head:)

  7. Eye drops, allergy medicine, nose spray and I'm still sneezing. I have to admit though that husband Bill is worse than I am. I love the cartoon because I always knew that someone was plotting against me every spring

  8. Not really. I've been lucky not to have too much trouble with allergies, just itchy watery eyeswhen the pollen is really bad here. We had a beautiful weekend but it's cold and raining again today. I hope you continue to have an easy allergy season.
    Blessings, Betsy

  9. As soon as the grass begins to green up, my eyes get itchy, my head is stuffed up, and the meds come out. I was outside most of the afternoon yesterday with the kids and grandkids, and by bedtime I could hardly breathe.

  10. I don't really have allergies, but DH does. However, it's been a relatively cool spring so far and we've been gone a lot. Hope you weather spring without too much discomfort, Nancy!

  11. Love the cartoon. No allergies here. (Knock on wood--I'd hate jinx myself!). On the other hand I'm not much of an outdoors girl. And we sleep with our windows closed to keep pollen out. Cause there is no doubt here that pollen is out in force!


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