Monday, December 28, 2015

Thrifty Baby Surprise Jacket

nearly complete Baby Surprise Jacket
December 2015
Several months ago, I found two coordinating skeins of Encore yarn in a Casper thrift shop for a total of $1.50. The original price stickers are still on the yarn labels: $6.50 for the turquoise, and $6.98 for the off-white colorspun, so I got quite a bargain.

Last week, those two skeins became a Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). Hopefully, this week, I can seam the shoulders and then add a collar (directions below) with the remaining yarn.

    Encore Colorspun (Drifting - color #7009) off-white and some turquoise plied together
    Encore (color # 0469) turquoise/teal

Baby Surprise Jacket pattern from Schoolhouse Press (I recommend the A-B-C-SJ, Adult, Baby, Child Surprise Jacket Pattern because it includes the a row by row pattern for the baby sweater). Using this pattern makes knitting the BSJ easy and enjoyable.

The original pattern (the directions are NOT row by row) is a bit confusing, in my opinion.

size 8 US

Collar details: after seaming the shoulders, pick up 18 stitches along each front neck edge and 20 stitches along the back of the neck. To prevent the collar from overlapping the buttons in the front, begin and/or stop picking up stitches at least four stitches from the front cast off edges. Knit 22 rows (11 ridges) and cast off in purl on the right side.


  1. Very nice! You are such a talented knitter! :)

  2. What a cute Baby Surprise Sweater.
    Great bargain on the yarn!

  3. That turned out really well. I love the stripes you put on it.

  4. Your BSJ sweater is adorable! I have had that pattern so long it has yellowed, but I still haven't knit it. I don't know what is stopping me because I always love the finished projects my knitting buddies post about.

  5. Thank YOu for saying it was a difficult pattern Nancy. Not for me! your finish is great though

  6. Beautiful, Nancy. I love the color combination.

  7. Good score on the yarn.

    Baby Surprise is always adorable and yours is no exception.

  8. Nice work! I'd say you scored and also created a great jacket. I never tried a striped one.


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