Friday, December 25, 2015

Back in Time - Kid's Table

Christmas Dinner at the "Kids' Table"
Brenda M., Terry S., Dwight M., and Brenda K.
sometime in the 1980s
We celebrated a LOT of family Christmas' on the farm, and often the "Kids' Table" was set up in the living room when there were more guests than the kitchen table could handle comfortably.

Lots to see in this photo - TV tray for extra helpings, graduation and wedding photos on the wall above the stereo, pole lamp, a ceramic Christmas tree, a rabbit ears' antenna complete with a chunk of aluminum foil for "better" reception (we only got one station even with a large antenna), and a small glimpse of the Christmas tree with Harold's stocking tucked under it.

Terry and Brenda K. were married in 1984, so it's possible they were married when this photo was taken, but I think it was probably before taken earlier than 1984. Brenda M., Terry and Dwight are my niece and nephews.

If you have an overflow or "kids' table" at your house today, snap a photo to capture those memories.

Merry Christmas to you & those
gathered at your table(s) today


  1. No overflow table here we all fit. Merry Christmas to you:)

  2. We mostly fit around the table, we had brunch so it wasn't real formal. Merry Christmas Nancy! :)

  3. Hi! We don't have an overflow for the kids now but did when my kids were growing up! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day! Nancy

  4. Looks like "someone" got a new camera for Christmas.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas THIS year too.

  5. Beautiful memories!!

    TV tray for extras--why didn't I think of that? Daughter and I sat at the kids table yesterday because we were the appointed kid whisperers. All in all things went pretty well. I learned a lot from those kids--a lot of stuff I didn't know I needed to know. Happy New Year Nancy. Hope your Christmas was blessed.

  6. THis post was fantastic. Fireman and I LOVED all the kitchy old ways. WE had the same experiences! It was so familiar to us. Even the captains chairs and hairstyles..thanks NANCY

  7. My grandma who usually hosted holiday meals had a kids' table in the kitchen, and when you "graduated" to the grownup table you got to sit where the legs were. Our oldest has that big table now that my sister is done with it!


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