Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Scrap Stars

star blocks
8.5 inches
After making Whirligig, I had a large stack of "waste" HSTs (half-square triangles). The technique is explained in this PDF by Bonnie Hunter.

I sized the HSTs to 2.5 inches, selected some squares from the 4.5 inch scrap bin and made some star blocks to be used for another Quilt of Valor.


  1. Wow - those look great. I have a bunch of leftover HST that size from several past quilts. Now I have another idea of how to use them.

  2. Another good way to make use of those leftovers! It amazes me how much "waste" is reusable in smaller squares,etc., to make other blocks.

  3. Hum, another clever use of scraps. Finished square is 8"? Maybe I should be looking at my left over triangles again. Of course, I need to finish my current projects before I get lost in something new! This will be a great QOV quilt.

  4. Nancy You are a Star. The stars are lovely

  5. Impressive! I love how you incorporate "scraps and waste" into so many of your projects. They are so cohesive in color and beautifully put together, we'd have no idea without your explanations!

  6. I see another Quilt of Valor in your future. LOL

  7. One can never have too many patchwork stars.


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